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At KET we have been helping the residents of Herne Bay and the wider Canterbury District since 1984. Our mission is improving the employability of local vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Our aim is to help local people whom suffer from one or more disadvantages and require a helping hand. The disadvantages our beneficiaries face include: unemployment; mental health issues; physical health issues; poor attainment; low skills; criminal records; loneliness and isolation; poor self-confidence; a general lack of opportunities; and many others.

Through our activities, we have changed the lives of thousands of people. Our community development work helps neighbours come together and has transformed neighbourhoods forever. Our main focus is on helping people into, or nearer to, employment. We have helped hundreds of local people into jobs and training. We help local people raise their skills, gain qualifications, find meaningful work, and start their own businesses. See Courses for more.

Recently KET has had a change of management. After our new CEO, Keith Morris, took position in November 2019, an experienced Board were brought in to steer the organisation into a brighter future. With this change of guard has come a change in culture. Previously, the focus of KET was on gardening projects and acting as a landlord to a number of small businesses but, having looked into local need, we know the area needs employability support and this needs to be delivered professionally.

We are working closely with Thanet Trust, based in Ramsgate, which is providing mutual aid to help improve our internal management during this period of change in the organisation. This is due to the CEO of KET also being the CEO of Thanet Trust and the two organisations having a long history of working together.

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